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I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit...

At times I feel compelled to write poetry. Hope you find something magical in my words.

I Love You

I want to tell you “I love you” but I don’t want to freak you out.

My love isn’t ordinary, I love in dimensions.

I love unconditional and I love everything about you.

Mentally, I’m there.

I love traveling the depths of your mind,

I love finding you in the depths of mine.

It’s physical too.

I love how you make me nervous and comfortable with the things you do.

Cause sometimes I really be in my head about you.

It’s an intimate love, the kind that makes my toes curl, you know.

And I love it when you see something and your smile grows.

It gets spiritual.

I love that I see you, and not for who I want you to be.

I see the divinity, It’s the God in you that I see.


I dont know what to do with this love. I dont know what happens next.

But I do know my soul is fed.

I’ve tasted the purest love i’ve ever crossed

a love with no strings attached, one no other love can match.


I crave you still, your conversation, the intensity, your essence.

But to have been able to experience it once, I have a lifetime of gratitude.

So, when I say “I love you,” just know it’s not elementary.

It’s love from the Universe, it’s energy, it’s alive, and I want to give it to you.


- Ivory Akeisha


It's not that I gave the wrong man my love.

I have plenty more to give.

It's not even that he didn't want it.

It's that I didn't realize

I was giving him some of the love

I needed to keep for myself.

The good thing about love

is that it never runs out.

I am overflowing in love.


I've found balance,

balancing on boundaries.

Tugging in a war between my mind and heart

between giving and not.

But I am overflowing in love, now.

So I have enough to give, now.

and even though he didn't want my love, then

didn't deter me from giving now.

- Ivory Akeisha

Im Sorry

I'm sorry I broke your heart all those years ago.

Karma is at my feet for what I did.

I'm not sorry because she's here,

I'm sorry because no one deserves those feels.

I didn't know then, heartache was physical.

I saw the tears but I was too cold to feel for you.

I did love you, in my own detached way, though.

And through the years I've been dealing myself a hand

of detached lovers and cold hearted feelings.

I know the pain of heartache.

So, To you,

I hope you've been given the love you was looking for, in me,

all those years ago.

And, To me,

I forgive you for doubting the depths of your love, 

and give you permission to accept the love you deserve.

- Ivory Akeisha


The most intimate story of heartache and healing.

I laid you on paper, wrote till my hand cramped,

detailed the fantasy in ink,

metaphored the betrayal,

crossed the Tea with lavender and sage.

I reread each word over and over again.

Until the words became only a memory.

To the day that once was ours, the memory has faded.

From heartachee to healing was the journey

and from healing to bliss is the reward

-Ivory Akeisha

Another Mistake

You’re a bottle of cheap wine,

convenient and intentional.




I downed you,

fast to forget.

Forget about the mistake I made.



You didn’t age well but went down smooth enough.

Enough for that night.

My well-developed flavor palate couldn’t tell,

but my shame-stained sheets were ruined.



Another mistake.

-Ivory Akeisha

Bare My Soul

I said I was an open book, then you read all the chapters. 

You said to go deeper and I got scared.

You held me closer. Kissed my forehead.

To show myself after hiding for so long,

to be vulnerable after guarding my insecurities,

I felt intimidated. Still and all you allayed my fears.

I felt freedom in your arms

and security in your voice


You held me closer and kissed me gently,

and at long last I bared my soul.

-Ivory Akeisha

Black Woman

Yes, I am a black woman.

What does being a black woman mean to me?

Being a black woman means

I am the reflection of Mother Earth.

My sun-kissed skin is brown as the nurturing soils.

My hair grows up to the skies like blossoms and out like tree limbs.

My curves are mountain tops, peaks and valleys of the lands we travel.

That means I'm solid enough to carry the weight of the world, fragile enough to feel the pains of my generation, and strong enough to destruct the malevolent.

I am a black woman.

-Ivory Akeisha

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