I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit...

At times I feel compelled to write poetry. Hope you find something magical in my words.

I Love You

I want to tell you “I love you” but I don’t want to freak you out.

My love isn’t ordinary, I love in dimensions.

I love unconditional and I love everything about you.

Mentally, I’m there.

I love traveling the depths of your mind,

I love finding you in the depths of mine.

It’s physical too.

I love how you make me nervous and comfortable with the things you do.

Cause sometimes I really be in my head about you.

It’s an intimate love, the kind that makes my toes curl, you know.

And I love it when you see something and your smile grows.

It gets spiritual.

I love that I see you, and not for who I want you to be.

I see the divinity, It’s the God in you that I see.


I dont know what to do with this love. I dont know what happens next.

But I do know my soul is fed.

I’ve tasted the purest love i’ve ever crossed

a love with no strings attached, one no other love can match.


I crave you still, your conversation, the intensity, your essence.

But to have been able to experience it once, I have a lifetime of gratitude.

So, when I say “I love you,” just know it’s not elementary.

It’s love from the Universe, it’s energy, it’s alive, and I want to give it to you.


- Ivory Akeisha


It's not that I gave the wrong man my love.

I have plenty more to give.

It's not even that he didn't want it.

It's that I didn't realize

I was giving him some of the love

I needed to keep for myself.

The good thing about love

is that it never runs out.

I am overflowing in love.


I've found balance,

balancing on boundaries.

Tugging in a war between my mind and heart

between giving and not.

But I am overflowing in love, now.

So I have enough to give, now.

and even though he didn't want my love, then

didn't deter me from giving now.

- Ivory Akeisha

Im Sorry

I'm sorry I broke your heart all those years ago.

Karma is at my feet for what I did.

I'm not sorry because she's here,

I'm sorry because no one deserves those feels.

I didn't know then, heartache was physical.

I saw the tears but I was too cold to feel for you.

I did love you, in my own detached way, though.

And through the years I've been dealing myself a hand

of detached lovers and cold hearted feelings.

I know the pain of heartache.

So, To you,

I hope you've been given the love you was looking for, in me,

all those years ago.

And, To me,

I forgive you for doubting the depths of your love, 

and give you permission to accept the love you deserve.

- Ivory Akeisha


The most intimate story of heartache and healing.

I laid you on paper, wrote till my hand cramped,

detailed the fantasy in ink,

metaphored the betrayal,

crossed the Tea with lavender and sage.

I reread each word over and over again.

Until the words became only a memory.

To the day that once was ours, the memory has faded.

From heartachee to healing was the journey

and from healing to bliss is the reward

-Ivory Akeisha

Another Mistake

You’re a bottle of cheap wine,

convenient and intentional.




I downed you,

fast to forget.

Forget about the mistake I made.



You didn’t age well but went down smooth enough.

Enough for that night.

My well-developed flavor palate couldn’t tell,

but my shame-stained sheets were ruined.



Another mistake.

-Ivory Akeisha