And Another One!

I'm feeling very "Quiet Storm" today. Could be because me and my "friend" decided to go our separate ways yesterday or maybe because these candles and soft lighting in my bedroom is setting the tone. Either way, I have a few things on my mind I'd like to share with y'all.

I'm learning so much about myself in this new phase of my life. I'm in the middle of a transition, people are coming and going and life is up and down. I'm embracing my brashness, I'm exploring my sensual side, and I'm more playful than I could imagine. I produce so much great work when I'm in all of this energy. And parts of my personality I tried to mask years ago is being revealed in ways that's giving me permission to live full and free.

My most challenging lesson right now is learning to release control. I'm quick to tell someone,

"You cannot control anyone, or how things will play out most times, you can only control your reaction."

Yeah, it all sounded good until I felt like I was starting to lose control over my life. It's almost like the Universe put me in a spinning machine and just told me to hold on. Well, i'm still holding on got damnit. The one thing I have been practicing lately is allowing my footsteps to be guided, ask less questions, and to trust and go with my instincts. We are really a divine being and we all know what we need to be doing.

Most times, we get stuck in a bad case of resistance. We're opposed to how other people do things, we refuse to accept people and situations for who and what they are, and we become hostile or defensive when our own reality is being question. Resistance is a form of control we put over our own lives that prevents us from moving on to new levels. It's like we can refuse to see what's being shown to us, we can ignore the signs, and we can try to deceive ourselves, but the Universe will come and smack that ass right back down. And when the Universe smacks yo ass enough times, you'll listen.


So, me and my "friend" decided to go our separate ways. The Universe has a really funny way of showing you yourself through other people. Him and I just could not get the communication thing together. It was tragic, lol. But he made it very clear, or he was the vessel to bring me the message, that I needed to stop trying to control. Everyone will perceive things based on their version of reality or truth. When I say their version, think of two siblings growing up in the same house but having two different views on life. We can all go through the same life experiences, but based on their predispositions, we will all have a different version of the same experience. Anyway, this man made it painfully clear that I can't control how anyone sees me, nor should it effect me. I can't control how anyone perceives my words, I can only speak my truth and be honest with every word I say, or don't say.

I'm glad I learned how to release attachments. This "breakup" would have been a difficult one because of how intense our relationship was. It was a short lived one, which I knew it would be. There was a lot of healing done, plenty of learning, and a lot of passion created. I wasn't ready yet for the ride, though, I was still trying to control things I had no business trying to control. 🥴🤭

Another life lesson...

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