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Cancer ☀️ Sun

Gemini 🌚 Moon

Libra ⬆️ Ascendent

I am hard on the outside and soft as tissue on the inside... in true crab fashion. I am emotional but have learned how to control them as I've gotten older. My mind is always on the go, ready to create something. I am both social and socially awkward. I am very selective with my close circle and enjoy 1-on-1 conversations over a loud chaotic group setting.

I'm a mom of 2

Maybe 3 one day...

📍Richmond, VA

I was born and raised in Richmond, VA. I never knew how beautiful my city was until I got older. It's amazing the history I've come across in my own hometown. Richmond is rich in culture and full of creative energy. My favorite things to do in Richmond is go to the rock spot (Belle Isle), eat chicken and waffles from Maple Bourbon, and do street photography in the city.

My go-to's

Music saved my life. The sun recharges me. Writing clears my head. Shrooms remove all inhibitions. Dancing frees my soul. The ocean feels like home.

I'm really glad you are here. I look forward to keeping you up-to-date with all of my shenanigans. In the meantime and between time, make sure you are subscribed so you'll get a notification when I add a new reflection. And go check out the rest of the site, you may find some magic somewhere 😘.

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