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My Theory on Slavery

Every time I hear someone talk about slavery, I cringe. Not because of the history or physical abuse, but because my theory on what actually took place is much different than what we were taught. We all know the story, our ancestors were stolen and shipped here, controlled, and forced into free labor against our will. We have seen all the slave movies showing us in the fields with the white overseer pacing back and forth or the "house negro" shaving 'massa face with a razor. As long as I could remember, I never got the real answer to why we didn't fight our way out of slavery, jump the white dude on the horse or slash massa's neck even though we were told many blacks jumped in the ocean waters to prevent them from being enslaved... I never got the real answer until I started researching and learning our history on my own. Why is there always a depiction of all these black enslaved people being so meek, oppressed, and incapable of figuring out how to overtake their "masters." Slave movies really got black people in a chokehold.

My theory has grown over the years as I started learning about slavery and the history of America on my own. Let's think about this. Over the span of a little over 100 years, from the time European colonization begin to the beginning of slavery, we're taught to believe the amount of Europeans in this country exceeded the amount of indigenous Americans that survived the warfares and the Africans they brought here by ship. So, the large population of white slavers were able to keep all of these brown skinned people enslaved by using their power of authority and weapons. Nevermind the climate change the Europeans had to face or the learning curve of survival they dealt with after pillaging the lands. Nevermind the hundreds of American-Indian wars that killed so many hundreds of Europeans or caused them to flee back to wherever the hell they came from. The only advantage pale skinned Europeans had over brown skinned people were their savagery thinking, a self-imposed system of hierarchy and government, and a will to conquer, by any means necessary. And, so they did... but not how we were taught.

These American-Indian wars started well before the first African captive was brought into the Americas and lasted well after the ending of slavery, but we learned very little about how many battles there actually were and who the winners of most of these battles were. In the end, we see pale faced people as the victors, but history is always written by the victors and can easily be manipulated. That brings me to my theory...

I believe the stories we have been told about slavery have been embellished just like they published civil rights pictures in black-and-white to mislead people on the time-frame of events. I believe there were plantations with enslaved people working under inhumane conditions. I believe pale skinned Europeans pillaged these lands and captured people to become property. But I don't believe that so many brown skinned people allowed slavery to just happen as we prayed to God to free us from that oppression. I believe there were way more rebels than there were sheepish people. I remember a teacher told us that they tried to enslave Asians first but they were physically too weak and they chose to use Africans and black people because they could produce more, endure more, and were stronger. So you mean to tell me, all these Mandingo warriors was just out here "yes 'massa-in" and shucking and jiving when they could fight an ox. Yea, ok.

We were taught slavery ended because some noble yankees said it was immoral and decided to wage war against the south. Nah, I'm not buying it. We were never taught about the wars waged on the colonizers by the brown skinned people, the rebellions and uprisings, that scared the pale skinned people so much they were forced to end slavery. Yea, forced to end it because they didn't have enough people for chattel slavery or volunteering for war and the amount of losses they were racking up during the many battles was wiping out their folks. But just like the culture of the pale faced people, when they lose, they manipulate and use underhanded tactics to make people believe they won. With this self-imposed system of government, religion, and financial system, they found ways to torment and essentially run brown skinned people away from their own lands. Colonizers.

So that isn't so much of a theory as it is truth but this is where my mind starts to wonder. If history is written by the victors, and there ultimate goal is to keep certain people in oppression, why would they give us the parts of history that shows how strong those people truly are? Why wouldn't they embellish their victory like that one guy we know who can't fight for shit, but let them tell it, they be whooping some ass. Not only did they create this narrative that they just came and stole brown skinned people, put them into slavery for over 200 years and had the moral compass to end it, they created movies to show us how brown skinned people were just so damn afraid and helpless. To think, they can create a history and an image of a whole group of people just by telling a story and pushing a narrative. I'll give you further proof of how easily it is to misguide and alter someones reality.

I keep referring to us as brown skinned people, not blacks or negroes, because those terms were created to classify us. Let's go back in history. We were taught Marcus Garvey led the back-to-Africa movement and urged black nationalists to return to the homeland. There's a key point of information they left out. Before Garvey was on this wave, there was a group of these pale skinned folks called the American Colonization Society who believed it was too many free black people here and they should be sent the the continent of Africa, cause they really just in the way. Funny how right after this proposition came about and a hell no from the black people here, Garvey, a Jamaican born man, made it his mission to lead freed black people from the Americas to Africa. I'm not going down that rabbit hole, but history has proven that it is easier to persuade a group of people when they have a passionate leader that looks like them. I said all that to explain how we were named African Americans and how easily it is for us to adopt a narrative. Before Jesse Jackson introduced the term African Americans to the world in the 80's - yup, its fairly new - we were classified as colored, negroes, and blacks. Anyone with brown skin were classified as such, regardless if you were indigenous to this land or brought over by ship, you were negro, black, or colored. So, here comes Jesse speaking for the people and wiping out the history of many brown skinned people who are indigenous to this country and labeling them as African American, simply because their skin is brown. Not only is the term unfitting and misleading, its like calling all hispanics Mexicans. Now we out here fighting white people who call us niggas cause that's our word, yet it's just another meaningless fight that got y'all in a chokehold because most niggas don't even know what using the word means they just know white people can't say it. Are we taking the word back, are we creating our own definition of the word, what does it really even mean? Sounds like another controlled narrative to me.

I digress... back to my theory. I am an advocate for researching the origins of things. Where did the story begin and who is telling the story? (*cough BLM *cough) There have been published documents by colonizers on how to mentally and physically enslave people. From divide and conquer and emotional manipulation, to blatant lies and abuse, it seems the people who are the butt of these history stories are the ones who stood up and fought against it. Slavery was always a thing, it didn't become about race until the money was looking funny. A major tactic in creating mental enslavement is manipulating how someone views themselves. We have been constantly told our history begins as slaves, and anything before that were just the ancestors. Nah, I know better. We get slave movies to push their narrative of slavery instead of showing us how we really fought our way out of that period of oppression. Its all a mind-fuck. When Kanye said slavery was a choice, I believe he meant the idea of being a slave is a choice, and we had the option to fight our way out of it. By the way, If the slave movie ain't like Django, I don't want it! Show me how we got our get-back, not how they kept slashing us on our backs!

I was watching the movie Alice, starring KeKe Palmer. She was a runaway slave in the 70's and when she escaped the plantation, she realized she was free and slavery had been over for decades. That's how I believe slavery really was. There were those who stayed on that plantation out of fear but many did not and quickly learned they were not alone. At the end of the movie, the slaver said, "I did nothing wrong. I never told you you had to stay, I just never told you you could leave." This made me think of that quote Harriet Tubman may or may not have said "I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed more if they only knew they were slaves." For real for real, Harriet probably was Alice and she left up out that yard and saw some freed negroes and went back to get her folks. It did say the movie was based on true events. But you know, we were taught it was a whole slew of white folks who helped her on her journey sneaking these black folks 800 miles away to free lands.

I am going to end this here, because I could go on about my theories, modern day slavery, the 400 years of slavery, and so forth and so on. I'd be sitting here typing for days. But all in all, I believe the story they told us about slavery is bullshit and we were not really just out here building a whole country for them to just benefit from cause we had not other choice. We built a lot of shit for ourselves, and they pillaged the lands, stole our shit, and took the credit. I know my ancestors wasn't out here building the White House for no white man to rule over them. I just know it.

Love and Light, Motha-fuckas!

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