Who gon save me, boo?

You ever notice how deep in fear society is rooted. From childhood we’re cautioned with fear. “You

bet not do that no more or you gonna hurt yourself.” Parents call it being cautious, but really, you just instilled a little fear in that child. Fear they might really hurt themselves if they try this new feat. Of course, I’m not talking about the kid jumping off the roof... but really, my cousin jumped off the roof once and he survived. Fear is a helluva tool to control people.

I remember working at this call center, and the only reason it was so stressful was because of the damn metrics. Every staff meeting and one-on-one’s with the managers was about metrics. “You better maintain these metrics or you’re out of here.” Fuck those metrics! (I just had a flash back 😫). The thing is, they don’t ever really fire anybody because of the metrics, but it works because people are still in there scrambling to make sure they meet metric requirements.

Fear will have people giving away their freedom, their happiness, and accepting things just because. We get so wrapped up in the material world that we forget we have a direct connection with The Most High. We don't need religion to scare us into being good people and we don't need a man to force us to pay our way into heaven. Regardless of what you believe, you must know how powerful you are and the abilities you possess. Fear got my people out here forgiving their oppressors and murderers because we were told forgiveness will get us into heaven. 🤦🏽‍♀️.

This shit runs deep...

But really, look at history. We love to scream "this country was built on the backs of black people." We didn’t do that for fun, we did that because we were forced and controlled, fearful that we’d lose our lives, fearful that we’d lose our family, fearful that the white Jesus they taught us about would not approve if we took our lives rather than endure torture and torment. The most important thing they hide from us about slavery is the hundreds of rebellions and wars that indigenous people started because they weren’t afraid, they were fearless. They don’t print the truth about these wars in school history books because they are afraid to teach us about our strength, our resilience, and our fearlessness. If I was taught about the successful revolts during slavery and how we were forcefully moved to other parts of the country and New Mexico because slave owners were afraid for their lives, I would have felt a whole lot different being the only black kid in that classroom full of white kids. The narrative is still being controlled. They tell us they don't want to create white guilt in the kids.. nah, they don't want to nurture black power.

I made it a point to stay away from anything or anyone that relies on fear to control my mind or actions. This includes those dumb ass slave movies where the slave still dies in the end. Side note: If the slave move ain’t directed by Quentin Tarantino, I’m not watching it!

No-one is coming out of the sky to save me and nothing but myself is going to create my happiness. I believe in the collective, I believe together we are a force. I also believe I am an entire force by myself.

How beautiful is it to live a life of fearlessness!

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